Consumer Buying Decisions

What a consumer buys is affected by many factors: pricing, promotions, how and where an item is displayed in the store, the packaging color, and more! Data provided from Excertus™ helps manufacturers make decisions on all of these factors.

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Display and Marketing Optimization

Where retailers place certain products on the store shelves and in the cooler doors has a huge impact on what customers put in their baskets. Excertus™ helps Manufacturers understand their marketing materials and how to effectively display promotional items or other products within the store.

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Promotional Pricing Strategies

Effective use of pricing and promotions can greatly increase profitability in a retail environment. Excertus™ helps manufacturers measure the success or failure of new products and promotional pricing strategies designed to help retailers drive traffic to increase sales.

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Need Technical Support?

Our technicians are here to help. You can reach a live person on our toll free support line at (800) 933-9093 x502, but sometimes you will need to leave a message if we are all on the line, but we will call you back in the order we received your call. Once you are on the phone with a technician, just click on the support icon above and the technician will be able to see your desktop to help trouble shoot any issues. You can also email us by using the email support link from the support page.


Excertus™ is Searching for Stores!!!

We have multiple opening across the country for major cities like Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami and New York to small towns in rural communities. To find out if your store qualifies for one of our research sample openings, please click on the icon, and submit your store information using our contact page. If you have multiple stores, please copy and paste your store list in the message area at the bottom of the contact page.


Download a W9 Form

Click on this icon to download the W9 form, which you can fill out and Fax back to us. This is one of the first steps in getting residual income from us.


Important Announcements

4/9/14 - Windows XP longevity: Microsoft has discontinued support and updates for Windows XP. This simply means that you are no longer going to get updates or support for problems from Microsoft. This will have little effect on your computer or it’s abilities! Keep in mind, most of us never require support from Microsoft and since Windows XP has been around so long, its very well established and solid and stable. One note of caution, new printers or other devices may not have windows XP drivers, so please verify that any new device or printer lists Windows XP as an approved operating system. Click on the Icon, to see an Archive of past Announcements.